For my first episode back from a brief reprieve from Liberty Weekly, I lend my legal analysis to a horrible case out of Milwaukee County where District Attorney John Chrisholm has declined to file criminal charges against police officers who tased a mentally ill man to death in his shower. It is of the utmost importance that the public understand why Chrisholm made the decision he did and what legal questions he had to answer.

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Show Notes:

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chrisholm’s Decision

Wis. Stat. 934.45 Privilege 

Wis. Stat. 51.20 Involuntary Commitment for Treatment

42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights

Non-State Solutions to Domestic Violence Ep. 55 ft. Trey Weaver

The Truth About Warren v. DC Ep. 46

Free Thought Project: Cops Break Into Innocent Man’s Home, Taser Him to Death in the Shower—No Charges

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Taser use cited in man’s death; prosecutor considering charges against West Milwaukee cops

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: A mentally ill man died after being hit 18 times with a Taser in his home. The police officers weren’t charged.

FOX 6 Milwaukee: Family of man who died after being ‘hit 15 times with electricity’ plans legal action against police

FOX 6 Milwaukee: Officers cleared of wrongdoing in death of West Milwaukee man who died after being Tased

Robin Shellow Law

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By Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at, where he seeks to expose establishment narratives with well researched documentary-style content and insightful guest interviews. His work also appears on in the viewpoints section. He may be reached at

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