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Income Inequality Ep. 104

Income inequality. Is it a problem? Did it cause the financial crisis? Is it the cause of all the woes of our society? Can it be “solved?” Should it be “solved?” How would it be “solved?” We address these questions–and more!

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Show Notes:

Peter Schiff Show: Kill the Estate Tax to Save Jobs

33 Questions About American History You’re Not Supposed to Ask by Tom Woods (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tackles Cronyism

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists by Anthony C. Sutton (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Harrison Bergeron Full Movie


Jane & Bernie Sanders & the Big Burlington Heist Ep. 15

In episode fifteen of the podcast, we document, explore, and discuss the ongoing FBI investigation of Bernie and Jane Sanders for bank fraud relating to the bankruptcy of Burlington College. In the second half, we discuss strategies for reaching out to Bernie Sanders fans. In doing so, we share our mutual dislike for the Young Turks, laugh about Alex Jones, and touch on the pitfalls of socialized healthcare.

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Show Notes:

Burlington College Closing Due to “Crushing Debt” Incurred Under Presidency of Bernie Sanders’ Wife–Zerohedge

Catholic Parishioners: Investigate Bernie Sanders’ Wife for Fraud–Heatstreet

Burlington College to close under weight of debt–Burlington Free Press

The Chronicle of Higher Education–What Really Happened at Burlington College (Written by President Carol Moore)

Bernie Sanders & Wife Under FBI Investigation for Bank Fraud–Zerohedge

Officials: Burlington College subject of FBI, Justice Dept. Probe–Burlington Free Press

Bernie Sanders Daughter Got Paid $500,000 To Teach Woodworking At His Wife’s Bankrupt College in Vermont… He is up for reelection next year–Investment WatchBlog.com

Burlington College Public Tax Records

Vermont Woodworking School Official Site

Burlington College Campus Purchase Still Coming Back to Haunt Jane Sanders–Inside Higher Ed

The Truth About Public Healthcare–Topher Field

The Truth About Public Healthcare (Followup)–Topher Field

Topher Field.net

Young Turks on Voluntaryism

Alex Jones Confronts the Young Turks

The Clinton’s Slaves

Intro Audio Sample from Fox News Business (Fair Use U.S.C. 17 Sec. 107)