Liberty Weekly Summer Special: Wild Wild Country

Netflix’s “Wild, Wild Country” – A Voluntaryist Analysis – Part I

If you haven’t yet seen the 6-part Netflix documentary “Wild, Wild Country” about an Indian guru who sets out for America to start a city of 50,000 followers in the high desert of Oregon – go check it out!

A sleepy town of retirees is less than 20 miles away, and they don’t take too kindly to the new neighbors.

There are so many juicy discussion points to savor from a libertarian perspective as both sides implement government as their weapon of choice against each other, with spectacular backfiring results.

Liberty Weekly will be discussing the documentary with the boys from Actual Anarchy in a mini-series of 6 Liberty Weekly episodes going through each of the documentary parts.

The first part will be Liberty Weekly Episode 83 where we go over Chapter 1 of “Wild, Wild Country” – look for it on Sunday, July 8, Noon Central at or at the landing page for the series

Chapters 2-6 will follow each Sunday at noon CT until our demands are met. Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Youtube, or Bitchute to get all episodes in one place!

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