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Antifa, Ben Shapiro, & Free Expression Ep. 31

Jerry makes his *triumphant* return to the show, kicking off a great conversation about Antifa and free expression. We end by discussing the nature of socialism and conclude, rather unsurprisingly, that Antifa and the Alt-Right are just two sides of the same collectivist coin.

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Show Notes:

We Are Change Footage of Berkeley

Free Man Beyond the Wall w/ Mance Rayder–Episode 3: Antifa — The Founders and its Modern Counterfeit

Tim Pool: Who is Truly At Fault for the Violence in Charlottesville? 

Tim Pool: Charlottesville is the Escalation of Identity Politics

We Are Change: Police Officers Dressing as Antifa and Instigating Violence

The State of Modern Discourse & Assorted Shenanigans Feat. Dean of Dean-o-Files Ep. 25

Fellow weary internet warriors: retire your keyboards, unplug from your struggles and join us for a variety hour featuring our newest friend of the podcast, Dean of Dean-o-Files! In this episode, we discuss the state of modern discourse and hob-nob over our experience in the marketplace of ideas.  We laugh a little, we drink a little, and we have a great time. We hope that you will also.

Dean is the host and creator of Dean-o-Files, a podcast with a YouTube repository featuring commentary and discussion of current events from an Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. We would urge our listeners to go an show him some love to help build our corner of the liberty movement!


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Our Guest Appearance on the Actual Anarchy Podcast: Star Wars Rogue One

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Featuring: Science Fiction, Liberty, and Dystopia

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Do Trans People Have a Right to Serve?

This morning, President Trump sent shock waves across the Left-Right Paradigm when he made the following succession of tweets about trans people in the military:

As one would imagine, the backlash came furious and swift, with commentators splitting along familiar ideological lines. The arguments from both sides are so familiar that I will not even recount them here.

My question is: why do we waste our time with this trash? Arguing over this recent controversy only detracts from the point that we want the least amount of people in the military as possible.

I was similarly affected when Congress was considering making women register for the draft. During this time, our friends on the Left were celebrating the potential move as a step forward for women’s equality. This sentiment echoes a familiar phrase: “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.”

Absolute garbage, I say.

War, in addition to being a pure racket, is also the health of the State, where instead of the State protecting its citizens from other States, as we have been lead to believe, the reality is exactly the opposite.

Even though most Voluntaryists maintain their own social beliefs, this is not a trans issue at all. This is about celebrating the fact that less people now bear the burden of going abroad to kill innocent civilians for oil companies and government drug cartels.

In the interest of completely separating ourselves from the political theater, let’s bypass this distraction and focus on removing all soldiers from the United States Military unless for the express purpose of protecting against aggression that immediately and legitimately threatens our life, liberty, and property.

Though, if they were truly interested in doing that, they may find that the true enemies are much closer to home . . .

For more on the realities of what war inherently is, I would refer readers to Episode 3 of the Liberty Weekly Podcast:


Libertarianism and the Current Left-Right Paradigm: Feat. Nick Carroll of Liberty and Tech Ep. 13

Joining us as the second guest on the Liberty Weekly Podcast is Nick Carroll, who hosts his own YouTube Channel entitled Liberty and Tech. In this interview, we discuss the current Left-Right paradigm and where the term “Libertarian” fits in. We also discuss the “art” of internet debating and trace Nick’s own extensive experience on the medium.

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The Laci Green Affair, Free Speech, and Far-Left Autocannibalism Ep. 6

In Episode 6 of the Podcast, we discuss the “Laci Green Affair,” leading naturally to libertarian legal theories behind free speech and what constitutes a “verbal act.” We finish up by discussing the structure of the American justice system and  briefly ponder what a free market judicial system would look like (more on that later).

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Show Notes:

Audio Sample: Murray Rothbard For a New Liberty

H. Rearden’s Very Thoughtful Plug for the Show: Thank you!

Muslims throw gays off of buildings

Laci Green “Red Pill” Video

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Cody Wilson: Defense Distributed on the Tom Woods Show

The Truth About Che Guevara

Walter Block: Defending the Undefendable