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Record Afghani Opium Crop; Syria & Yemen Updates Ft. Kyle Anzalone Ep. 60

Resident foreign policy expert of the Libertarian Union, Kyle Anzalone joins me once again to discuss his exceptional new article “Record Afghan Opium Crop Signals Violent Year for U.S. Forces,” co-written with independent journalist Will Porter. We discuss all of the great work Kyle is doing, promo his new website at Immersion News, and get detailed conflict updates from Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. This is a must-see episode, so be sure to view the video version on Bitchute or YouTube!

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Thoughtcrime Thursdays: A Scanner Darkly, the CIA, and Afghani Opium Ep. 12

In this edition of Thoughtcrime Thursdays, host Pat MacFarlane appears solo to connect the themes behind A Scanner Darkly to the dark, yet familiar actors behind America’s heroin epidemic.

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