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Lew Rockwell’s “Declaration Confusion” Ep. 119

During the week, Patrick took the opportunity to read from, and expound upon, an article called “The Declaration Confusion” (which appeared in Lew Rockwell’s book The Left, The Right, and The State ) for the newly renamed Liberty, Bigly sideshow and we thought the content was prime for the main podcast. Topics include the right of Secession and how the various political factions interpret the Constitution.

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The Conspiratorial Corruption of the Constitution Ep. 2

Julian Assange and the Sedition Act

Dangerous History Podcast

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The Left, The Right, and The State by Lew Rockwell

Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman

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The Man Behind The Beard: Lysander Spooner Ep. 27

Lauded in the mainstream mainly for his abolitionist work, Lysander Spooner is a titanic figure in the history of libertarian and voluntaryist thought. As a pilot episode for a more scholarly and fact-laden podcast, host Pat MacFarlane begins by offering a short biography of the man behind the beard.

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Show Notes:

The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner, by Charles Shively, © 1971 by M&S Press.


The Corbett Report: Lysander Spooner

The Conspiratorial Corruption of the Constitution Ep. 2

In this episode, we analyze the Constitution, discuss its ideological origins and explain how it has allowed the government that we have today.

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Show Notes:

Ann Lyon; Constitutional History of the United Kingdom

Bernard Bailyn; Ideological Origins of the American Revolution

William J. Watkins, Jr.; Popular Sovereignty, Judicial Supremacy, and the American Revolution: Why the Judiciary Cannot be the Final Arbiter of Constitutions

Murray Rothbard; Conceived in Liberty

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