To our knowledge, Andrew Breitbart was the first to coin the adage: “politics are downstream from culture.” Though we recognize the truth in this observation, we wanted to tease this statement apart and pose a few questions. In doing so, we add some nuance to this statement.

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Show Notes:

Intro Audio Sample: Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism Op Ed: “Politics Really is Downstream from Culture” By: Lawrence Meyers

The Frankfurt School

Adam Kokesh for Not-President

Pension Crisis-Zerohedge Search


By Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at, where he seeks to expose establishment narratives with well researched documentary-style content and insightful guest interviews. His work also appears on in the viewpoints section. He may be reached at

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