The State’s illusion of legitimacy is maintained by a careful charade: the political theater. While the performance is intended as a diversion, a peek behind the golden curtain may reveal something resembling the truth. In Episode 21, we do just that by analyzing the three biggest story lines currently being showcased for our amusement.

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Featuring: Science Fiction, Liberty, and Dystopia

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Show Notes:

Thoughtcrime Thursdays: If You’re Listening FBI, Please Give Us More Downloads Ep. 8

Senate Releases Full Text of “Skinny” Obamacare Repeal Bill, Vote Expected After Midnight

John McCain Kills Obamacare Repeal With Single Decisive Vote

Trump Confirms he will Sign Russia Sanctions Bill

Americans Pay More In Healthcare as percentage of GDP

Tom Woods Show Ep. 481 “How Capitalism Can Fix Health Care (Cash Clinic)

Government Medicine: Court Declares Child Should Die Rather Than Receive Privately-Funded Health Care

New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato: Charle Gard

Topher Field: YouTube

NHS Emergency Room Commentary: Beginning 21 mins

Demographic Dysphoria Looms As Doctors Discover Sperm Counts In Western Men Plummeted Nearly 60%

“Calexit” Referendum Question Is One Step Closer To Appearing On 2018 Ballot

Intro Sample: Jeff Deist–The Silver Lining to the 2016 Election

By Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at, where he seeks to expose establishment narratives with well researched documentary-style content and insightful guest interviews. His work also appears on in the viewpoints section. He may be reached at

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