The Laci Green Affair, Free Speech, and Far-Left Autocannibalism Ep. 6

In Episode 6 of the Podcast, we discuss the “Laci Green Affair,” leading naturally to libertarian legal theories behind free speech and what constitutes a “verbal act.” We finish up by discussing the structure of the American justice system and  briefly ponder what a free market judicial system would look like (more on that later).

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Show Notes:

Audio Sample: Murray Rothbard For a New Liberty

H. Rearden’s Very Thoughtful Plug for the Show: Thank you!

Muslims throw gays off of buildings

Laci Green “Red Pill” Video

Ghost Gunner: Defense Distributed

Cody Wilson: Defense Distributed on the Tom Woods Show

The Truth About Che Guevara

Walter Block: Defending the Undefendable

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