For western observers of the conflict in Ukraine, Orthodox Christianity is almost as foreign of a concept as the world of Islam was in the early 2000s. No understanding of the conflict in Ukraine is complete without a firm grasp of the underlying religious rivalry between Ukraine and Russia, which goes back 800 years. In 2018, this rivalry reached a boiling point when the Orthodox Church of Ukraine split from the Russian Orthodox Church. This split has been described as the biggest fissure in Orthodox Christianity in centuries. Did this split precipitate Russia’s 2022 attack? Is Putin waging a holy war for the soul of Russia? We explore in this week’s episode.

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Show Notes:

Next Year in Kyiv? – by Diana Butler Bass – The Cottage (

Vladimir I of Kiev – New World Encyclopedia

North Korea Conducts Missile Test After Declaring ‘New Situation’ With China | The Libertarian Institute on Twitter: “JUST IN – Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, calls Putin’s opponents in Ukraine “evil forces,” and believes “we must not allow dark and hostile external forces to laugh at us.” (Interfax)” / Twitter

Патриарх Кирилл призвал молиться о мире на “русской земле” – Москва || Интерфакс Россия (

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No, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is Not Calling for Peace — In Fact, He’s Putin’s Accomplice | Religion Dispatches

Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin’s Two Wars – Public Orthodoxy

Plans of Moscow Patriarchate against Ecumenical Patriarch’s visit to Ukraine | Orthodox Times (en)

Putin is after more than land — he wants the religious soul of Ukraine (

COI #239: NATO Aggression and Putin’s War | The Libertarian Institute

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