Were US banking interest behind China’s precipitous rise to world power? What is China’s place in the New World Order? What is driving the “destined for war” narrative between the West and China? Are the Chinese committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslims? Is it our place to speak out against the Chinese Communist Party? James Corbett joins me to discuss his work, “China and the New World Order” in this wide-ranging interview.

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Show Notes:

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James Corbett: “Deal with the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-Colonized China”

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2034: A Novel of the Next World War by James Stavridis & Elliot Ackerman

James Corbett: THIS is What World War III Looks Like

Patrick MacFarlane: Independent Media Parrots Uyghur Genocide Claims

The Grey Zone: Uyghur Genocide Reporting

James Corbett: Big Oil Series

MP Arthur Ponsonby: “Falsehood in Wartime”

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Liberty Weekly: The Anti MSM Bias [Odysee Exclusive]

James Corbett: “China’s Suspiciously American Arsenal”

By Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute where he advocates a noninterventionist foreign policy. He is a Wisconsin attorney in private practice. He is the host of the Liberty Weekly Podcast at www.libertyweekly.net, where he seeks to expose establishment narratives with well researched documentary-style content and insightful guest interviews. His work also appears on http://www.antiwar.com in the viewpoints section. He may be reached at patrick.macfarlane@libertyweekly.net

2 thoughts on “Back Door to China Ft. James Corbett Ep. 170”
  1. Enjoyed the conversation, with this caveat: To bring up “Syrian Kurds” in a logical sequence that moves from Uyghurs in China to Libyans under European-US attack, to Yemenies under US-Israeli attack, is a non-sequitor. You realize Kurds in Syria, along with those in Northern Iraq, in the Government and mafia networks that are choking Turkey, have merged to become recipients of $750 Million from the US Pandemic budget and to form the greatest NATO mercenary that is devastating 4 countries as we write: all the 3 cited above plus Iran. Not to mention their expansionist ventures in Libya, Azarbaycan, and all the Turkish states in ex-Soviet union, disguised under the Islamist cloak of “Government of Turkey.”
    Massive mind-hijacks occur at moments of momentary slips of tongues such as this non-sequitor I heard on your interview.
    Hope you give it a thought.

  2. Corbett does a lot of good work, but I think his analysis of China and the Eurasian economic paradigm has many problems. China is not run by the Western financial oligarchy. Despite the problems, the reason we see all this war propaganda against China and Russian is because they are actually acting as sovereign independent nations that are not controlled by the Trans-Atlantic oligarchy. The Belt and Road Initiative is not controlled or being run by the Western financial oligarchy. They absolutely hate what is going on because it overturns the entire geological chess board which is based on the idea of controlling Eurasia, Lord Mackinder’s “world island.” While the word is thrown around a lot, “geopolitics” is a historically specific term used by Mackinder to define the imperial strategy of controlling the world by controlling the “world island” ie Eurasia.
    Corbett views everything from a radical Libertarian lens such that he thinks almost everything done by government is somehow bad, that economic project or development steered by government is inherently bad. But he doesn’t actually seem to describe or identify any of the actual infrastructure projects being built by China. He doesn’t actually identify any of the benefits that these major infrastructure programs are having, believing that any such endeavour has to be guided by some imperialist NWO program.
    It’s a false view and looking at everything from that radical libertarian lens clouds the reality and all the nuance involved.

    He really needs to temper his approach if he’s to understand the dynamic emerging in Eurasia.
    The transatlantic system is sitting on the largest financial bubble in human history. There is no way to plug the kind of financial black hole that will emerge as that quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble unwinds. They are trying to play the greatest game of financial Jenga and hoping that EVERYTHING goes just the way they want it to.
    That’s not going to happen and a lot of nations are not going to play that game for much longer. Eurasian countries are getting ready to dump the dollar and directing an increasing amount of financing towards real economic development and production rather than the speculative cancer that has almost completely rotted out the Trans-Atlantic system. We are in a fundamentally new dynamic in world history, and people better catch up soon.
    Corbett should take the Eurasian economic paradigm at lot more seriously and not bunch everything up together.
    That being said, he does do a lot of great work!

    I would cite this latest piece at the Strategic Culture Foundation as a more nuanced approach to Eurasian politics and economic development. The US and Europe are NOT the Center of the world, and most of the world population lives outside the region inhabited by the “golden billion.” What we need is a better understanding of these other cultures and an idea of how nations can actually cooperate to emerge from the inevitable collapse of the bankrupt Wall Street/City of London centres.

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