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Essential Books for the Libertarian Novice Ep. 42

Welcome to the first edition of Liberation Library Book Reviews on the Liberty Weekly Podcast. For the first time ever, the show is also available via video feed! In episode 42, I review a bunch of books that led me down the path to voluntaryism.

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Books mentioned in the Show:

Frederic Bastiat: Selected Essays on Political Economy

Frederic Bastiat: The Law (Free PDF)

Henry Hazlitt: Economics in One Lesson

Ludwig von Mises: Bureaucracy

Murray Rothbard: Anatomy of the State

Murray Rothbard: Anatomy of the State (Free PDF)

Murray Rothbard: The Mystery of Banking

Murray Rothbard: The Mystery of Banking (Mises Institute Link)

Bruce L. Benson: The Enterprise of Law–Justice Without the State



Online Library of Liberty: Liberty Fund

Show Notes:

Free Domain Radio: The Story of Your Enslavement

The Liberty Weekly Podcast Ep. 36: Non-State Justice Systems–A Primer

The Liberty Weekly Podcast Ep. 28: Liberty Weekly and the Constitution of No Authority

The Liberty Weekly Podcast Ep. 27: The Man Behind the Beard–Lysander Spooner

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Boom, Bust, Boom: Austrian Business Cycle Theory & The Fed’s Current Predicament Ep. 18

Show host Pat MacFarlane appears solo to offer Murray Rothbard’s take on Austrian Business Cycle Theory. In the second half, we use the theory to analyze the current state of the economy and outline the Fed’s current predicament.

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Featuring: Science Fiction, Liberty, and Dystopia; and

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Show Notes:

Intro audio courtesy of our friends at Read Rothbard!

Murray Rothbard: America’s Great Depression

Misesmedia YouTube Channel

Jeff Diest Interviews Jim Rickards on the SDR and the prospects of a global monetary shift