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The Dumpster Fire of Australian Progressivism Feat. Shaheen Ep. 35

Think progressivism is bad in the United States? Iranian/Australian transplant Shaheen joins us to share his coming to liberty tale, along with some war stories from the Land Down Under.

Special thanks to Shaheen for joining me!

Show Notes:

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The Alt-Right Yells “Muh Feels!” in a Crowded Auditorium . . . Ep. 10

In Episode 10, we return to the topic of the “Culture War” and discuss the Alt-Right’s latest shenanigans in combating the Far-Left. In doing so, we discuss proper tactics in activism, outline the limitations of the Left-Right Paradigm, and detract from the idea of an imminent civil war.

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Show Notes:

The Rebel Media Storms Caesar Play

The Rebel Media–“Free Laura” Legal Fund

Tom Woods-Justin Raimondo Twitter Exchange

Antifa Bike Lock Guy Found

Portland Train Stabbing

–Are We Nearing Civil War?