Liberty Weekly Affiliate Programs

Hey Liberty Weekly Listeners!

In an effort to offer the most value possible to you, and to help fund and improve the podcast, we have identified several products and services that we believe will make your life better!

Be sure to check in to this page regularly to see which affiliate products we recommend and what coupons we are currently offering for them. To access, simply click on our green affiliate links!

Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom

We simply cannot suggest Liberty Classroom enough to our listeners. Tom Woods has literally gathered a dream team of libertarian professors and has made NINETEEN of their courses available online.

(To access Tom Woods’ secret coupon page, click here)


Fiverr is the place you go to get stuff done. Home to thousands of freelancers, simply hire out anything you need done from book illustrations to  computer programming.


Like Liberty Classroom, Udemy offers a database of over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors. We highly recommend Udemy for learning any skill on the cheap. They are currently offering all their courses for $10 with our special discount code JULY20310 until 7/20/17!

The Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins series is simply the best way to introduce the concepts of liberty to your children. Plus, it comes highly recommended by both Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

Nord VPN

Nord offers military-grade VPN service and is hands-down the best online proxy on the market.


At-A-Glance is the industry leader in organizers, daily planners, and office calendars. Take control of your workload today!


Free Markets–Non-Aggression